Tuesday, June 22, 2010


So Excited!!
While at Chad's User's Conference, the CMT Video Music Awards and Music Festival were going on. It was interesting to see the steady flow of cars and then people pour onto the streets of downtown Nashville. Chad and I were super pumped because we got to go to the CMT Video Music awards show. It was so much fun!!! No000, we didn't get any autographs or close-ups of any singers but it was such an experience just being there. The performances were my favorite part. (Oh, and, the fact that Carrie Underwood won video of the year. Love her!) We called several people who knew we were there to share the experience. They all thought it was pretty fun to listen in. I took so many pictures while there, but several of them look the same. I didn't get very creative with my photos because it was so exciting watching the performances! :)
Here are some of my favorites for you to enjoy!
Here's the "star" section. Unfortunately, my zoom couldn't get in that close...
On top is the jumbotron and what is being shown on TV, while the bottom is our view!
Next day, and leaving to go home...

Nashville, TN!!

Chad's User's Conference was held in Nashville, TN this year! One of the best things about his conferences are that since they are in the summer, I get to go!! I had a lot of fun this year sight seeing and hanging out with some new friends! Our trip started off with Jared Angela and Victoria dropping us off at the airport. Between a 2 hour delay, almost missing our connecting flight, landing in memphis to "refuel" for another 2 hours, and being given someone else's room, it was not our day to travel.
Monday morning we went to breakfast at a Nashville favorite: The Pancake Pantry. It was delicious! I got the sweet potato pancakes and Chad got the pecan (pictured).
I'd go back and get either, they were both great choices! Later I went on to a few gift shops and on a trolley tour with some of the girls. We ventured out to the mall and went to a "parade" of country artists that none of us knew. We even went to the zoo! *It was a great zoo* We had a lot of fun being "touristy". We all purchased cowboy hats to make sure we really stood out! ;)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad!

The best things about my Dad...
Happy Father's Day!!

1. You like the ridiculous gifts we get you.
2. You always have a shadow.
3. You have showed us all how to make the best funny faces.
4. You teach your kids to fish.
(Even Chad...)
5. You know how to sleep aka ...snore.
6. You always make someone eat hot peppers with you.
7. You're pretty handy.
8. You love Ty. (And he loves you!)
9. You and I look kind of alike.
10. You know how to play with people your own size.
11. You know all of the latest and greatest fashions.
12. You are someone to look up to.
13. You are the leader of this wild bunch:
And, I guess we think we'll keep you around. ;)
Glad to have a dad like you!
Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Chad and I were able to see Michaela and Katie in their ballet dance recital with his family several weeks ago. This was the first time we had seen Michaela dance in a long time, and the first time I think we had ever seen Katie dance! Jared, Angela and Victoria were able to come and Victoria was SO excited to go back and see the big girls all dressed up before their performances!!
Katie's dances were so cute! This one was more of a comic relief. We all enjoyed it so much!
This was the first year for Michaela to dance with a partner. She looked absolutely stunning on stage. I can not believe what a beautiful dancer she has turned into! Michaela really has some dancing talent!!
After the dance, we were going to go to Andy's for some ice cream but the line was all the way to the street and their were about 20 cars lined up to even turn into the place. We opted for Marble Slab instead and it was just as yummy!! :)

And...The girls with their very proud mommy!...

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Tiny Dancer

A couple of weeks ago Chad was going to be going to one of his friend's bachelor parties in East Texas. I decided to tag along so that I could spend some time with my family and go with Victoria to get her dance pictures taken. Angela and I took Victoria up to her dance studio Saturday morning where Victoria got her pictures taken. That girl is a cutie patootie. I'm amazed at each time I visit how much she has grown and changed, not only in her looks but her vocabulary and speech. Most recently she told me, in her sweetest little voice, "No, Carla I'm not going to eat the milkshake I'm going to DRINK it." Duh, I thought to myself. She's just always looking out for me I guess...
She loved her dance poses...
The photo shoot did not end at the dance studio. We had to snap a few shots at the house before Chad and I left town again.