Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Chad and I were able to see Michaela and Katie in their ballet dance recital with his family several weeks ago. This was the first time we had seen Michaela dance in a long time, and the first time I think we had ever seen Katie dance! Jared, Angela and Victoria were able to come and Victoria was SO excited to go back and see the big girls all dressed up before their performances!!
Katie's dances were so cute! This one was more of a comic relief. We all enjoyed it so much!
This was the first year for Michaela to dance with a partner. She looked absolutely stunning on stage. I can not believe what a beautiful dancer she has turned into! Michaela really has some dancing talent!!
After the dance, we were going to go to Andy's for some ice cream but the line was all the way to the street and their were about 20 cars lined up to even turn into the place. We opted for Marble Slab instead and it was just as yummy!! :)

And...The girls with their very proud mommy!...


  1. that is amazing. She's standing on her toes! :) Fun fun fun. I like the new layout too ;)

  2. Thanks C'iara! Yeah, she is SO SO good!! :)

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