Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Dad!

The best things about my Dad...
Happy Father's Day!!

1. You like the ridiculous gifts we get you.
2. You always have a shadow.
3. You have showed us all how to make the best funny faces.
4. You teach your kids to fish.
(Even Chad...)
5. You know how to sleep aka ...snore.
6. You always make someone eat hot peppers with you.
7. You're pretty handy.
8. You love Ty. (And he loves you!)
9. You and I look kind of alike.
10. You know how to play with people your own size.
11. You know all of the latest and greatest fashions.
12. You are someone to look up to.
13. You are the leader of this wild bunch:
And, I guess we think we'll keep you around. ;)
Glad to have a dad like you!
Happy Father's Day!