Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Clowns Visit pt. I

Ma, Pa, Cousins and Niece came to visit!!
**Because of all the pictures, this post will be broken up into several..**

My cousin recently had surgery on his leg and is now recovering (hope you are feeling better Teylor!). While he was having surgery, my mom kept 2 of my other cousins ("the boys") to take a load off of my aunt while she cared for Teylor in his first few days home. I was so excited to have the boys come visit for the first time! We took the time to celebrate the boys and Victoria's summer birthdays.
Take a look at these clowns...

So good looking...

The set up:

Victoria was oh so excited to see her 'clown cupcakes.' She loved them!

Birthday song and blowing candles out:

We don't do serious very well around here...

Sporting their gifts...

Worn out after SO MUCH fun...

What clowns...

Tile. Tile. And more Tile.

These last 2 weeks hubs and I have been super busy ripping up carpet...
banging up old, unevenly laid tile...
bagging up piles and piles of trash...
laying tile until wee hours of the morning
enjoying the company of Mr. H (and his mad tile laying skills...)
getting most of the tile down...
and we still have more to go...
Finished project and pictures to come soon!! (hopefully...)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Clown Cupcakes

My niece turned 4 this month (wow, time flies), and she has been kind of in to clowns lately. I knew right when I saw these cupcakes, I was going to make them for her when she came visit. I saw them in a taste of home magazine that I suckered hubs into buying for me at the grocery store. You know, those short magazines with all the recipes at the checkout line?? Yep, that magazine. At least I can now say I made ONE recipe out of that magazine. Little did I know, they have nearly all the same recipes online. <~~~Free! Well she's coming in this weekend with my mom and dad and cousins to have one big birthday celebration for her, my 2 cousins, and hubs! They all share summer birthdays fairly close to each other. I got started yesterday making my clown cupcakes. Here's what I used: Cake Mix and all the fixings to make cupcakes. White Icing Party Size M&Ms for the buttons Twizzlers Pull&Peel for the hair and mouth Sugar cones for the hat Red & Yellow 'Easy Squeeze' Cake decorating icing Plastic decorating 'tips' to put on the decorating icing While your cupcakes are baking, take out your sugar cones and a pair of scissors. Cut off about 2 inches from the wider part to make a smaller hat. (This part is kind of tricky because it breaks so easily.) Make it as straight as the bottom as you can so it will stand alone. *Taste of Home won't tell you this's okay to bite off a little at the ends to make it even. ;)

Once you have all of your cones cut, then take out your decorative icing and smear it all over the cone. It's okay to get messy, you will. I tried to balance it on my finger the best I could. You can leave a little at the bottom without icing because it will be covered up later anyway. Add M&Ms for buttons down the middle. When finished, set them on wax paper (or foil if you don't have any wax paper) to dry.

When your cupcakes are finished take them out and let them cool. Once they have cooled completely spread on a little white icing.

After the icing, add a "party hat" to the cupcake at the top and press down just a little. Add 2 brown M&Ms for eyes, 1 red M&M for a nose, and several small Twizzlers for the hair and mouth. I just used scissors to cut the Twizzlers. Then, when feeling really crafty, add the decorator tip to the decorative icing and add little "stars" around the bottom of the hat and the sides of the cupcake.

And...............VOILA! Clown Cupcakes.
So easy, I can do it.

Cscope Madness

Standing around in the library with some good friends and co-workers one day we started talking about how fun it would be to get together in the summer. We could work a little, talk a lot, watch a movie, and eat a little. We titled it "CScope Madness" and jumped on the idea to plan 2 times for us to get together in the summer. (Oh, and a good excuse for another T-Shirt!) We had our first get together in June and we watched Dirty Dancing. I had never sat down and watched it from beginning to end. I had seen most of it, but only pieces here and there. Everyone else had seen it and LOVED the movie, so it was a great choice!For the second night we decided on Mamma Mia! Another great choice! It was really great to get together with your co-workers in a more relaxed atmosphere and just catch up. Working with our faculty is awesome and it's all because we are like a family!
**The first night we completely forgot to take a picture. So, we were bound and determined to get a picture the second time around. We were so excited when we remembered! But we remembered too late...sweet Kathy had already left! :/ Sorry Kathy!! We love you!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Nail Time!!

It's that time again! Hillary and I went today to get our toe nails done. We've been going over to Shannon at Vendetta's and we LOVE her. Although, you have to call way in advance because she is just that awesome. She takes her time. You sit in a comfy chair. You get all the lotion, wax, massage, etc. All for the price of $25. Yep, that's right. $25, my friend.

And now...for a bunch of blurry iPhone pictures to show off my toes...

The first time, I got a deep purple color with a white swirly design and a rhinestone in the middle:

The second time I got a "tie-dye" look to go along with our 'Peace' school theme using purple, pink, orange and yellow:

To celebrate the 4th of July, I got white with red and blue stars. Hillary got a red and blue design with rhinestones:

And, for this trip I got a baby blue with white zebra stripes. Hillary got a "tie-dye" look with pink, blue, purple and yellow:

**Again, apologies for the blurry pictures! Maybe next time I won't be so lazy and I'll actually get out my camera, upload the pictures, and then put them on my blog. Oh and you know me too well, because then it might be a month later before I ever really blog about it! ;)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cousins & Friends

I loved watching these kiddos play.
Joy. Laughter. Smiles.

Austin Wedding Planning

Last weekend we ventured out to the Austin area to help my brother and future sis-in-law in some wedding planning! We went out to look at their venue and it was beautiful. My mom helped Kristen figure out some details of where they could position the guest book, cakes, tables, etc. And, we took a lot of pictures so that Kristen could picture how it would look after we left. (Gotta plan ahead when the wedding is several hours away.) Here's a sneak preview:
Our main goal was to try to find a place that we could have the rehearsal dinner and get it booked. But, with Brad Paisley in town to perform for the Aquapalooza (we had no idea) most places were a little too busy to see us. We did get to eat at a possible place, with amazing burgers. It was just very hot. We came up with a plan tho and we'll see if it works out!

The neatest thing about the area we were in was how the wild deer just roamed the neighborhoods. It was such an odd thing for me to see but I loved it. I snapped a picture while driving by of about 12 deer just laying in someone's front yard. We saw this everywhere! I can't imagine that many deer laying in my yard!

That night we stayed in downtown Austin and we even ventured over to 6th street! This was a first time for me and we had a lot of fun. After about 2908702 attempts, we managed to get a decent picture of all of us together. Maybe next time we will get a little more accomplished. ;)