Friday, July 16, 2010

4th of July

To celebrate 4th of July Chad and I headed to my parent's casa with Hillary and Martin. My mom had bought these cute patriotic wine charm and we were all excited to use them. They led to a spontaneous trip to Canton the next morning. Hillary had never been so it was a must at that point...*Thanks dad for taking these awesome pictures:

It was a hot afternoon but we still managed to find lots of goodies...

These were mine and Hillary's favorite finds. Mainly because we saw Leslie Brown (a fellow teacher) buying a sign for herself!! So fun!

Kristen and I bought 4th of July bandannas for our dogs. Daisy wore hers proudly. And, Ty went and hid in the doghouse when he saw the camera. If you look closely you can see that he's even sticking his tongue out at me...

My dad made us lots of yummy food. Notice we all have our mouth full in this picture (thanks ma!) Must have been that the food was so good!

We had a nice visit from Carley and Miss Alisa! Very nice to see them and visit for a while! We couldn't believe how tall Carley had gotten! Such a sweet girl...

Later that night us girls put on a movie. Lauren and I did a good job of watching it with our eyes closed. That's how we roll. Only this time, Lauren fell asleep before I did!!! *Maybe by a minute. But, I think it's still a record. Hillary held out for the long haul...

After the movie ended we woke up to find this going on...

Boys will be boys.

Hillary and Martin enjoying the show:

The Show:

And finally, for some good ole 4th of July festivities. We laid around most of the day. Swam, Ate, played PS3, played World's longest Monopoly game, Ate, Made Home-Made Ice Cream, Ate, Played guitars, Ate, and Shot off some Fireworks...All in all~Good Day.

Victoria and the "Martin & Chad" Show:

Then it was time to head on out back to home...So everyone said their goodbyes and we were on our way...

One big happy family. Dogs and All.
(Not pictured are the ones who had to leave: Jared, Angela, Teylor)