Monday, July 19, 2010

Austin Wedding Planning

Last weekend we ventured out to the Austin area to help my brother and future sis-in-law in some wedding planning! We went out to look at their venue and it was beautiful. My mom helped Kristen figure out some details of where they could position the guest book, cakes, tables, etc. And, we took a lot of pictures so that Kristen could picture how it would look after we left. (Gotta plan ahead when the wedding is several hours away.) Here's a sneak preview:
Our main goal was to try to find a place that we could have the rehearsal dinner and get it booked. But, with Brad Paisley in town to perform for the Aquapalooza (we had no idea) most places were a little too busy to see us. We did get to eat at a possible place, with amazing burgers. It was just very hot. We came up with a plan tho and we'll see if it works out!

The neatest thing about the area we were in was how the wild deer just roamed the neighborhoods. It was such an odd thing for me to see but I loved it. I snapped a picture while driving by of about 12 deer just laying in someone's front yard. We saw this everywhere! I can't imagine that many deer laying in my yard!

That night we stayed in downtown Austin and we even ventured over to 6th street! This was a first time for me and we had a lot of fun. After about 2908702 attempts, we managed to get a decent picture of all of us together. Maybe next time we will get a little more accomplished. ;)