Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 12th - A Special Day

Monday, Chad and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary. It was a fun day to remember the day we were married and made a commitment to love each other. I woke up to some beautiful flowers thanks to the hubs.

When Chad got off work I had a little surprise for him. Online, I found that a 2nd year anniversary gift is something "cotton." So, Chad earned himself a new pair of jeans and a cotton T-shirt via Target. He was super excited. We then headed over to Texas Roadhouse to enjoy 2 baskets of rolls and 6 tubs of cinnamon butter (MMmmmm...) before we split a steak. :)

After we ate, we met up with some friends to grab some ice cream at Cold Stone. It's been a long time since Chad and I have been to Cold Stone. And, it was a niiiiiice treat! Oh how I love you 'Cookie Don't You Want Some?' Hillary and Martin made us a super awesome sign for our anniversary that I am very excited to hang in our house! After ice cream, Chad and I headed home and settled on the couch to watch "She's Out of My League." We really liked the movie. It had some language but overall we thought it was a pretty funny movie! It was an awesome day out with the hubs.

Dear Chad:
I am super thankful for 2 years spent with you, and many more to come! You are my absolute best friend! Love U Poopface! You're still as stinky as ever! ;)


  1. Happy anniversary! You guys are so cute together.