Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vacation I ~ Arrival & Fishing

Chad and I went on a vacation to the River Bend Lodges in Davis, Oklahoma with Hillary and Martin. It was quite the vacation and so my one vacation posts will be split into several vacation posts. The night before our vacation we made a late night wal*mart trip to stock up our fishing supplies. I got a new tackle box and loaded it all up with all the goodies when I got home. *Excited*
The next morning we woke up super early and loaded the car up (well, Chad and Martin loaded the car up...Hillary and I supervised).

We stopped and ate lunch at Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Ft. Worth...YUMMM~O!!! Second stop....Central Market! This was a first time for hubs and I and boy were we excited! I mean c' make your OWN labels!!!! AND, they had an entire candy aisle...a~ma~zing.

And, finally....Our destination...

Oh how beautiful you are sweet over-sized cabin that can easily sleep 12 people even though we are only a group of four...

Tour of the Cabin:

Splurge? Yes. Would we do it again? Yes. And would we still celebrate with hot dogs and nasty wine that was in a cute fish bottle? Yes.

We were so excited to go fishing that we drove down to the river right away. But, since it looked like this:

We settled on fishing at the pond instead. Martin and Hillary both caught fish the first night. (The tiniest fish we have ever seen...but

The next day we drove to wal*mart and got some michetis to clear a path down to the river. We cleared a pretty nice pathway I might say. (Again, we as in Chad and Martin were wacking the weeds and Hillary and I worked really well that way.)

Thanks guys for letting us get a great view of this:
We tried fishing for a little bit but we didn't get any bites or see any signs of life of any sort in this river. Back to the pond later we would go...