Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation III ~ Fishing and Steaks!

We decided to settle on another day at the pond since we hadn't seen much at the river. The guys cleared us a pretty nice area to fish at (we supervised).

And using "Martin's Style" we were immediately catching fish. Very small fish. It still made for a great time!

Meet Mr. Fishy:

Chad had bigger plans on the other side of the pond...

But he eventually came back over and caught his first fish with us. Small Style.

Chad was determined that their were fish somewhere in that river. So, later that afternoon, we headed back out to the river. This time we took the path less traveled and ventured through muddy pits, climbed the sides of hills, held on for dear life to tree roots growing out of the side of the ground and trekked through muddy water that felt like sinking sand.
*One slip and very muddy boots that became very heavy....we were there...*

And we saw fish jumping!

Needless to say, the guys went back for the fishing poles...We supervised...

We fished the river for a while and were pretty disappointed when we never felt any bites. I, however, watched a fish swim away at a distance and as he skimmed the top of the water I noticed that he had a looooong skinny beak type of a mouth. I was told later, that it could have been a gator gar:

Hmmm...That's frightening. I'm happy with my 2 inch fish.

To end our long day, we came back to celebrate our last night out at the cabin with steaks! They were so yummy and we did not want to leave!