Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Wedding & A Dance Recital

Chad and I have been busy little summer bee's recently. We are taking full advantage of me having my summer off! :) I'll try and update you over the next few blog posts. When we got back from Nashville we stayed in East Texas for a weekend. We spent most of that time going to one of our best friends wedding festivities. We have both known Jon for a very long time. His mom was actually my kindergarten teacher!! Not to mention that mine and Jon's mom worked together for several years and my mom now works with Lauren's mom! He has been dating Lauren for quite some time now and she is a very sweet girl and made a gorgeous bride! My parents, Chad and I all had so much fun seeing them and some other friends that weekend and catching up with each other. They had a beautiful wedding and we were so glad to be there with them.After the wedding, we all ventured over to Victoria's very first dance recital. It was so fun seeing her dance with my old dance instructor! Victoria has really loved dance. She is in a tap class and a ballet class. But, we recently found out that her new found love is lyrical and she has become quite the choreographer of her own dances. (More to come on this later...)
A few pictures backstage before the dance...And here they are performing their ballet dance...(Victoria is far left)Victoria's best friend Briana came to see her! They were so funny to watch play together. They are all smiles, giggles, hugs and kisses!2. little. princesses.On our last day we had a little bit of some pool time in the steps...Before Chad was down to take the world's longest nap E-VER before our drive back home!
Here are a few previews of her 2 dances. **These are not the actual songs. I opted for some less cheesy choices. haha. And, sorry for the poor quality...my camera is made for pictures, not videos. Go figure. ;)

Victoria's Tap:
Victoria's Ballet: