Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wedding II

Another one of our best friends from high school also got married a few weeks back. It was so fun to be such part of such an exciting day for him. We don't know his wife that well but she seems to be such a fun and happy girl! They had an amazing wedding. The ceremony was sweet and full of love and the reception was a B*L*A*S*T! We were glad to be there and we got to see a few other high school friends and catch up with them! We have some of the best high school friends! :)

They had a photobooth so we took some silly pictures together...So fun!! And, I just loved Brandon's cake. It was too totally perfect. GO NASCAR!! hahahaha....

Brandon is a firefighter so check out this "getaway car." Nice, huh? ....
They also had a very entertaining "first dance" and as I began recording, my camera informed me that my memory was full!! Sooo, I stole this from Kathryn...I'm sure she won't mind!!! :P