Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Clowns Visit pt. II

Because shopping and traffic are much more manageable here, one of my mom's top priorities was to take the boys school shopping for their birthday.
We spent most of the day speed shopping. Then we came home to rest and take the boys fishing.

After we were all shopped up, fished up, and rested up we headed out to Chili's for dinner:

We were loud, obnoxious, spilled drinks and had a lot of silly simple requests. That's what happens when you bring clowns with you. We apologized a million times for our craziness. *Sorry again Chili's* But our waiter was 'world's best waiter' and handled all of our craziness quickly and never once complained. Just after finishing our chili queso (yum), our waiter came to tell us our food was running late so they were going to offer us a free dessert. (We had NO idea our food was behind...but we took the offer kindly, smiled and said thank you...and that molten cake was D-lish!)

After dinner we took a quick trip to visit Chad's work. Dylan was impressed!

Oh and when Chad's around, I become chopped liver.
Dear Victoria,
Please don't forget me.

Love, Tia Carla

Finally, off to Primetime. This was the highlight of the trip for the boys!!

Thanks dad for the awesome grill. Clint would be impressed:

Just clownin' around...