Thursday, August 5, 2010

Rebecca & Chris Visit!

Some of our dearest friends from college came to visit us last weekend! Chris and Rebecca moved away last summer and this was there first time to come back and visit. We were so excited! Unfortunately, they came while we are still mid tile renovation. But that's okay, they totally understood. We had a lot of fun in the short time they were here. We went and ate an old favorite of restaurants and then we went to watch Inception. It was a pretty good movie. Oh, and remember, this is the same night that Chad fell off the bed in his sleep. Ha! Later we came back to the house and just sat around on our miscellaneous chairs in the living room and caught up. The next morning we went and got donuts. Then, Rebecca and I set out on our old times of shopping for all of the "steals". We got some really great ones too that I will share in another post. I'm talking about a jacket for 3 dollars!!!? Come on...we definitely know HOW TO shop! We went and grabbed some lunch at Jason's Deli. Came back and I shared some of my 'technology' teaching stuff with Chris for a class he will be teaching in the fall to college students. Shortly after, it was time for them to head back home. It was a short visit packed with a lot of fun! We both can't wait for the next time. Hopefully soon! :) You can read more about her visit, here.

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