Sunday, August 8, 2010

Some "Steals"

Looking back to the weekend Chris & Rebecca visited, I had mentioned that Rebecca & I went shopping for some "steals." This was a favorite past time of ours. And, no, I do not mean we go steal clothes. I mean we go buy clothes for insanely cheap prices. It's fun, and I thought I'd share some of the fun with you:
First up is a little pink jacket for Victoria. I do not know the original price because it didn't have a tag. But after looking it up on the computer, the clerk rang it up at about 3 dollars. :)
Next up are some jogging type pants to go with the pink jacket in black and brown for Victoria. They were originally 10.50 each but I bought them for a whopping 2.00 each! And, the pink pants in the middle were originally 12.50 but I got them for 3.00!! :)
Next up is something for myself. I had already bought a couple from Rue21. So, I took Rebecca there because she wanted some. I ended up getting another for myself. This shirt was originally 10.99. We got them for 3 dollars each. Who wouldn't buy an extra for themselves? ;)Last, but not least...
My favorite...
And by far the best "steal" of the day...
These jackets.
Originally 19.50, we left the store buying 2 each (1 blue, 1 pink) at 3 dollars a piece.
They may not be the latest and greatest fashions. But they will go with anything and are CHEAP. All together, 3 pants and a jacket for my niece and a shirt and 2 jackets for me all at 19 dollars total...we will definitely call those "steals." So, there ya go ma. I know you're proud! ;)

*Oh and sorry the pictures are not the best. My camera and I are in a fight right now.


  1. I need you to go shopping with me. You found some great deals.

  2. Hahaha thanks! It definitely requires a little digging, but I don't mind! Old Navy had the best deals...half off of all the clearance. They may still be running that sale!