Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween!
And, how about my back side?...

We Won!

Thank you Mr. Punk Farm Pig!
This year for our pumpkin decorating contest at school, the theme was "farm." I knew I wanted to do a pig from the beginning because the pumpkin I picked out had a curly stem, which would make the cutest little pig tail! After finding out that several other classes were making pigs, including an ADORABLE Wilbur, we decided to spice ours up a little bit. I went with a book that my kids have absolutely LOVED this year...Punk Farm! They helped paint the pig and all the other details were added by myself and my helper this year! I was so happy with how it turned out, and the kids were so excited about it! And...we won! The kids jumped up and down with excitement when our name was called over the speaker. Oh and BTW, you should go get the book and read it with your They'll love it. And I bet you will too! :)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Bassetti is the best!!

It's so true. I know I'm a little biased, but, I love my school. Our school was first led by a principal named Patsy Pool. Today, we had a dedication of a Flower Garden in her memory. One of our teachers put a lot of hard work and sweat into making it look just right. The dedication was perfect and, although I never knew Mrs. Pool, I'm sure she would have been proud.

From the stories I hear, she helped to create most of what the atmosphere is for us now, and what we hope for it to continue to be...

A family.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sneak Peak

Yesterday morning, Chad and I visited the "My Sister's House" consignment sale. I didn't buy anything, but we had fun looking. Then, we enjoyed some lunch downtown at McKay's Bakery.

Later that evening we went to take our 'Christmas Card' pictures. Hillary was taking ours so her and Martin came along so we could switch off and take their pictures for them. We had a lot of fun (dogs and all) and I can't wait to see the finished pictures! While there, I wanted a picture with Hillary so Chad took a quick shot of the pictures below with his phone...So here's your sneak peak with these 2 pictures. More to come later. ;)


I have a confession to make:

I bought my first pair of 'jeggings' last night.

Kristen would be so proud of me. She introduced them to me this summer and I thought, you rock it girl, but I will never own a pair. She has always been the more fashion~forward one, I should have known better.
I was at Target looking for a pair of Skinny jeans so I can tuck them into my boots easier for the winter. I kept seeing 'jeggings' everywhere. So, I gave them a shot. Oddly enough, I thought they were okay. I went ahead and bought them and planned to try them with my boots when I got home. I could always return them. Once I tried them on with my boots, I began to genuinely like them, and now I think I'm in love. (I know, I know, call me crazy) I never thought I'd jump on the bandwagon, but I have. They are just like skinny jeans (so easy for me to tuck into my boots) but they are just like leggings (so comfortable!).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dear Summer...

I. Miss. You.

Don't get me wrong in this post.
I love my kids at school this year. They are sweet and FULL of personality. They make me laugh daily. We talk together and share moments and I LOVE that.

But, I miss the calm and steady pace:

I miss the vacations, the spontaneity, the late nights along with late mornings, talking on the phone with my mom for hours, working on school stuff whenever I wanted to, having more feasible deadlines for myself, having unending me time, taking walks with my dog whenever I wanted to, hanging out with friends daily, movie nights and afternoons, naps, sno-cones, shopping, road trips, seeing family and friends, visiting, keeping up with facebook, etc, etc, etc.

Dear summer, please come back quickly.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunroom Finished!

Anyone remember way back when our sun-room was a big glob of black and white checkered awfulness? If not, let me refresh your memory...
Yep, my mom's face says it all..."Sick."

I don't think these 2 crazies knew what all they got themselves into when they offered to help...but I tell ya what, they were awesome! And, we were SO thankful!!

Now, you can erase all those checkered vinyl pictures from your memory.
We have a usable sunroom!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Vote for Brenden!

Help send one of our students go to "Morgan's Wonderland." It is an amusement park designed specifically for special needs children.

Read about his story in a local news article here:

Brenden's Story

Vote here by finding "Nominate Breden":

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Angela's BDay!

In the short trip that we made home, we were able to celebrate Angela's birthday with my family. Chad cooked out on the grill, and we had birthday cake! What else do you need? ;)

It was a lot of fun just relaxing around the house and catching up with family.
The next morning, Angela came over with Victoria for a little bit before Chad and I had to head back home. Victoria was all dolled out for church...

She also had these markers that she had connected together in order to make a "flute."
She's quite the musician...

Canton Trip!

Last weekend, Chad and I headed to my parents house to go to Canton with them. Here's me and my mom in the backseat, ready to SHOP!

We spotted Chad's dad as we were pulling in...So, we picked him up and he was able to walk around with us for a little while before heading out to work.

I love all the crazy things you see at Canton! Like this chihuahua decked out in all his finest sports gear...

We made a pit-stop to enjoy all the yummy fried food. (The #1 way we can get my dad to even think about going with us for an entire day of shopping.) ...

As we walked back to our car to leave we noticed that everyone else had the same idea. There was a HUGE line of cars, barely moving to get out of the parking lot. We would have waited in that line for at least an hour. That's when, we saw our opportunity. Through a small opening in the back...

It was maybe the best moment of the entire day. And, we were out of the lot and headed home in no time! :) Here we are loaded up with our goodies and headed back home...