Sunday, October 31, 2010

We Won!

Thank you Mr. Punk Farm Pig!
This year for our pumpkin decorating contest at school, the theme was "farm." I knew I wanted to do a pig from the beginning because the pumpkin I picked out had a curly stem, which would make the cutest little pig tail! After finding out that several other classes were making pigs, including an ADORABLE Wilbur, we decided to spice ours up a little bit. I went with a book that my kids have absolutely LOVED this year...Punk Farm! They helped paint the pig and all the other details were added by myself and my helper this year! I was so happy with how it turned out, and the kids were so excited about it! And...we won! The kids jumped up and down with excitement when our name was called over the speaker. Oh and BTW, you should go get the book and read it with your They'll love it. And I bet you will too! :)


  1. That's adorable!!! Yay for your students, they have a very fun, inspiring teacher!!

  2. Thanks Alisa and Kathryn!! It was fun! :)

  3. Thanks Rachel! **PS. I LOOOOOOOOVE your photos!