Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Gobble Gobble at Mr. H's House!

After we ate and took pictures with my family, we headed over to Mr. H's house for dessert and to spend some time with the rest of Chad's family. The desserts were delicious (as always!) We devoured slices of peanut butter fudge pie made by Michaela, a meringue pie, and an amaretto cake...yum! yum! After dessert, we played the highlight of the night...old fashioned Ms. Pac-Man quarters and all. Chad of course got really into it when it became a 2 player game (not that he is competitive or anything ... haha). He did create the new high score though!

Way to go Chad!

We also played a good ole' fashion game of Jenga. It was fun until the anticipation set in at the end! And once the blocks hit the granite counter-top we were done.
It. Was. Loud.

I think we all jumped. haha!

As always it was a very nice visit.