Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Redneck Weekend

I always get a good laugh when Chad tells his friends that we are going to the races and they give him a hard time for being a NASCAR fan. We just got back from a great weekend at Texas Motor Speedway with my family and friends. I only have pictures from phones right now. I'll add some more later! :)

Here's us on Friday night having a good time at the truck race...

My black ear muff/head band = $1.50
Friday truck race tickets = $30
Gas to get there = $40
That look on Jared's face = PRICELESS.

Sunday race...Beautiful sky!

We sat on the back stretch for the first time and it was an entirely new experience. No lines at the concession stand, no lines at the restrooms, lots of room, small crowds...What?!!!!??!!!!!! Were we still at the races? Hmm...My dad said we might try those seats again.
I. Agree.



  1. We are jealous for Valentine's day I bought Tom tickets to the race in April, but it was rained out. It was a pretty terrible day. Glad you had a great day.

  2. Oh I remember that weekend! I couldn't go for some reason, but Chad went ahead with the guys in my family. They said it was miserably wet and cold! Hopefully you guys will get to go again with nicer weather!!