Thursday, December 30, 2010

LA Christmas!

First stop for Christmas...Los Angeles. We made a trip out there to see Spencer and April in their very first apartment together. We love them and always have so much fun when we are together. Chad's mom met us out there also and we all got to spend Christmas together. This was my first trip out to California ever and it was beautiful! Mountains, ocean, city, airplanes...all in one view. Loved it! When we first got there we were all starving. So we headed out to a California staple. In*N*Out Burger.

Mostly, we just had a great time hanging around their apartment. Including begging to open all of our presents on the first night like a bunch of grown up~KIDS. And, we did.

The joke of all the gifts was Spencer and April and their new Nintendo Wii. They knew they would be getting one. But, we made sure it was the last gift they opened. We laughed at all of the controllers and games they opened before they ever had the game system. Needless to say, they were very excited to open up their very last gift, the Wii!

And how about these awesome tourist shirts?? Spencer and April saved us some time since it was a short trip. They got our tourist shirts for us...
The next morning we enjoyed a nice breakfast and opened stockings! (Courtesy of: Alisa...Of course she would remember the stockings!! ;) ha!)

We stuffed our faces with amazing food, including croc*pot candy..Y*U*M! And, we played a lot of games. We got 'Fact or Crap' from Alisa and Spencer and April got 'Wits and Wadgers'. Both are great games and we laughed a lot!
We spent a little time playing with our cameras' manual settings and came out with some pretty funny shots...


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