Friday, December 31, 2010

Texas Christmas!

Our tradition in our family is that my mom always buys the girls in the fam matching PJ's. This has gotten more difficult over the years, especially with the mix of toddler and adult size PJ's. I thought they turned out real cute this year. More sock monkey jammies. Just not a onesie like last year. Later, we opened our sweet house shoes that we picked out on Black Friday. HaHa!

The opening presents side of Christmas has became a little more entertaining as Victoria has grown up and began to believe in Santa Clause. Here's her when she first saw her gifts. Baby dolls!!!

She's quite the teeny momma.

Then us big kids got to open our stockings. Yee-Haw!! I'd say the glow flash-lights were a big hit this year.

And, we'll have to bring them next time we are in California because they make super cool designs on the camera. What do you think Spencer?

Oh and I'm so thankful for the flip to capture moments like this!...
*Video will have to come later after I upload them to my comp! #iamlazy.

She really is a sweet girl though. ;) Here she is singing her Grandma and Grandpa song after giving her sign (designed by Hillary) to them.

Cute baby...Clint... ;)

I know this post is a lot about gifts and that is not what Christmas is all about but I still enjoy all the silly little additions that come with the Christmas holidays. And sometimes we get each other silly things like blinking flashlights and marshmallow shooters. But we have lots of fun together and create some really funny memories to look back on each year. I'm thankful for my family and for the times we get to spend together. Christmas is one of those times where I think it's important to remember your family both spiritual and physical in whatever ways you see most fitting! Merry Christmas to everyone! :)


  1. The glow flash-lights look awesome. Be sure to bring them out next time!

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