Monday, December 20, 2010


This weekend my parents planned a short trip to come and visit. I was so excited that my aunt Brenda and cousin Teylor and my niece Victoria got to tag along! They stopped at Clint and Kristen's apartment Friday and then headed over to our house Saturday to stay the night. Unfortunately, Victoria was sick with a fever virus so we spent most of our afternoon at Dr. J's Walk-In Clinic. Thankfully we were in and out fairly quick considering the amount of people in the waiting room. Once we were loaded up on antibiotics, soup, orange juice, fruit, and other sick people food we headed home for some fun! We all sat around and built a gingerbread house.
We really had no care in the world as to what it looked like. We just enjoyed sticking all the candies in random places. It was fun! Victoria started feeling a little better, so we played for a while. I love having my niece around. We have a lot of fun together. Chad describes it best: "When Carla and Victoria are around, Carla acts 20 years younger and Victoria acts 20 years older." I tell him that's what I'm supposed to do. I'm the aunt and I take my job very seriously. Even if it means dress up, playing mommy and 'sweetie', dancing, acting like a monkey, singing silly songs, making silly faces, etc. Whatever we need to do in order to have fun. She found some of my silly ole' fake glasses I had laying around for laughs and they made her feel so smart.
Next up we made s'mores with some of the biggest marshmallows I have ever seen. They were delicious. Just check out all the awesome and awkward pictures we got:

S'mores are already awkward enough to eat...try it with a gi-gant-O marshmallow next time.

The next morning we were trying to get all the stuff packed up and organized while Victoria played mommy and 'sweetie' (aka baby) by herself. The glasses were glued to her face again.

And here's some pictures just for fun...

Oh and did I mention that hubs grilled all weekend? He was in heaven...

And this big guy? The one I call Dad? He was the ultimate chill-axer.

keeping this ole' guy lots of company...

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