Sunday, January 30, 2011

Birthday Visit!

Ma, Pa, and Victoria came to visit for my birthday! :) The visit was almost a no-go because my dad wasn't feeling too well on the day they had planned to leave. But because him and my mom had already taken off work to come up, he ended up toughing it out. (There was no talking him out of it). They just left later than they had intended on the 4-5 hour trip to our casa! Needless to say, he wasn't quite up to par throughout their stay. We just took it easy and hung low at the house, for his sake. In the end he was very glad he came. As was I!

Sick or not, we are always glad to see y'all!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy me!

Today has been such a wonderful birthday! I could not have asked for anything more! Thank you to everyone who helped to make it such a special day for me! You guys are the best! :)
I woke up this morning and found powdered donuts *yum* and flowers.

Thanks Hubs! It was such a nice surprise! We headed off to work where I found cookies and a card waiting for me at my desk. Jackie loves to spoil me. ;) Her and her kids had also written "Happy Birthday" notes on my dry-erase board and in the hallway. *Thanks for making it an extra special day Jackie!!
Laresa greeted me later with a yummy cupcake. And, the sweets didn't stop there...we cook/buy goodies for the birthday person in our grade level. I requested cookies for my bday. So during lunch, we all feasted on some delicious cookies made by P.
Hubs took me out to Olive Garden for my birthday and it was a great dinner. Our waitress was wonderful and took notice that it was my birthday (after checking my I.D. when I ordered an Italian Margarita). She made it special and brought out a lit candle with mints for my bday. She was awesome. I'd nominate her for waitress of the year.

Last but not least, Facebook has helped to make this such a wonderful birthday. It is so much fun to hear from all your family, coworkers and friends (old & new) on your birthday and Facebook has really made this happen. I loved feeling like a celebrity and checking all my messages today. You guys are wonderful. Thank you for making it such a special birthday! :)
Here's to being 25 on the 25th!!!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Today we were off from school for MLK day. I caught up on weekend chores of laundry, picking up the house and last minute details for school. It was so great to have the extra day this weekend. I think we all needed it. Oh how wonderful life would be if we always had 3 day weekends. The only thing that was really stinky is that the day was so beautiful outside and hubs had to work. I had to wait on him to finish work before we could go do anything.

Once he finished, we made the most of our time. We ran a few errands and did some 'window' shopping. I guess you can still call it that even though we went inside the stores. Either way, we did not plan to buy anything, just look. We ended the night by going out to the park and feeding the ducks. We haven't done this in a while but it is a favorite pass time of ours. We had a lot of fun watching the ducks and laughed at the, I mean lions? we heard yelling at the zoo. (we elephants at our zoo...hahaha Thanks Brandie!)...
Once the sun started to set, it became very cold. Brrrr... We called it quits and headed back home. We had some bread left over though, so maybe we can go back another day this week! :)

Hiltin's House

Last night we went over to Hiltin's House (Martin and Hillary) for dinner and Wii. Hillary made some yummy sides and the steaks Martin grilled were wonderful. After we ate we played 2 games that were based off of popular TV game shows. Wipeout and Minute to Win it. I had seen both of the game shows before but I had not seen the video game versions. We had a blast! Wipeout really was my favorite because Minute to Win it was just too hard for me (even on easy). They were just like the TV game shows. Wipeout was complete with announcers and slow motion replays when you would bust into the side of a giant wall and slam into the mud pit below. Those moments made for some good laughs and oooo's and owwww's. ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hubs is Too School for Cool.

He made my dinner and presented it as the "Carla-Dog"...
Love it.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. H Came to Town...

This weekend Mr. H came for a little visit. We were glad to get together because our time over Christmas vacation was cut pretty short. Chad grilled hot dogs and we mostly sat around catching up with each other. Chad & Martin had to show off their mad video gaming skills. Ha! I think they almost convinced Mr. H that he needs 'Call of Duty'. I fell asleep on the couch twice and then we called it a night.
This morning I woke up at 630 and could not go to sleep. I was not so happy about that as I had intended on sleeping in at least some. But, once the boys woke up we went and grabbed coffee and donuts and it seemed to make waking up early that much better. Later we grabbed lunch at a local hamburger joint and I ran into our school librarian. Love that lady! When we got back to the house we (as in they) spent a little time on the scooter.

And a visit from Mr. H just would not be complete with out a little quality time talking about programming and code. Boys will be boys...or is it nerds will be nerds??...Either way they had fun doing their thing.

Then it was time for one more picture and Mr. H had to head on back before his curfew-dark. It was a nice laid back visit. And we hope to have more since he is living a little closer now...until next time! Vrrrmmm....vrrrmmmm....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Earring Mishaps

I love earrings. All shapes and sizes and colors and textures. I love earrings.

My earrings did not love me tonight...

These got stuck on my ear when I tried to take them off because the hook wrapped into the earring. I absolutely could not get them off. Luckily, hubs has talent. He had me remove my second hole earring so he could see better. After a while of prying and prodding and pulling with a pair of tweezers. HE GOT IT UNSTUCK!! Woot! Woot!

You think I'm done?

I went to put my second hole earring in my ear and I dropped the earring back into the sink.
Hubs and tweezers to the rescue again! After about 3 whole minutes of very carefully trying to capture the earring back.
HE GOT IT!! Woot! Woot!

Can't wait to see what earrings I pick out to wear tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day Back

Today was the first day back to work with the kiddos being there and it was great! The kids were a little lethargic for a while. Who can blame them after almost 2 weeks off?! But they quickly gained their energy! It was good to listen to the kids tell me all about their Christmas break. I think a few of them could have talked to me about it all day. Ha! We're finally back in a routine of things and, for now, it's good to be on a schedule. Ask me that again in June. ;)

And just for fun ... these are some of the things the kids said they got for Christmas this year:
ZhuZhu Pets
Nintendo DS, DSi, Etc.
Nintendo Wii
Video Games
Justin Bieber CD

WOW?! ;)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year's Lunch

For as long as I can remember since dating Chad, we have had New Year's day lunch with his family at his grandma's house. She has always ordered lasagna from Bruno's. (YUM!) She usually takes her head count when we are all together at Thanksgiving. This year was a little different. With everyone in different towns and states things were a little more difficult to schedule. We decided to meet in the middle and have lunch in Dallas. It worked out for everyone! We ate at Cheddar's (another favorite of mine) and exchanged our Christmas gifts. We all had a great time catching up together. I can't believe how much the girls are growing!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Eve Celebration

Who doesn't like to dress up in TuTus with your niece on NYE?

Attempting a good picture of the guys...

That's better...

We spent NYE popping fireworks hillbilly style. Ya know?...the don't try this at home, unsafe way? Full of jumping over fountains, setting off multiple artillery shells and all. It was fun. No one got hurt.

And, thanks to Victoria everyone "run faster even more faster" away from the fireworks after they were lit. Glad someone knows how to play safe. Thanks Victoria.

Who doesn't love a sparkler?

And the Grand Finale...By Chad...

We are ready!!

Me and the bros...

Pure fierceness...