Wednesday, January 5, 2011

First Day Back

Today was the first day back to work with the kiddos being there and it was great! The kids were a little lethargic for a while. Who can blame them after almost 2 weeks off?! But they quickly gained their energy! It was good to listen to the kids tell me all about their Christmas break. I think a few of them could have talked to me about it all day. Ha! We're finally back in a routine of things and, for now, it's good to be on a schedule. Ask me that again in June. ;)

And just for fun ... these are some of the things the kids said they got for Christmas this year:
ZhuZhu Pets
Nintendo DS, DSi, Etc.
Nintendo Wii
Video Games
Justin Bieber CD

WOW?! ;)


  1. I was expecting to see morphsuites on this list! But whoever got the Justin beiber cd is one lucky kid....;) ha! Where are the good ol days of hanging out with barbie and tonka.;) Good luck this year!

  2. Hahaha...That would be hilarious! I totally agree about the good ole days of barbie and tonka! So much more simple!! ;) Thanks!