Monday, January 3, 2011

Grandma Christmas

Last week we visited my grandma (my dad's mom) for Christmas. It's about an hour trip there, so Rapunzel entertained us on the way there. Thank you Rapunzel.

My grandma lives with my aunt and uncle now as her health has gotten weaker. Which, oddly enough, is her old house! We have lots of memories in this old house of playing with our cousins when we were little. She was very happy to see all of us, and we were very happy to see her! We sat around and visited for a while and then she opened her gifts from us. She had a childlike excitement about her gifts and it was so fun to watch her open them.

My cousin Sarah came over with her two adorable little kids and Victoria was so excited to have not one, but two people to play with. We looked at some old letters and very old things that my grandma has kept of hers, her husbands, her parents, her grandparents, etc. We had seen some of it before. Some of it was new to us though, and it is always neat to see some of that older stuff and how it compares to what we have now. Clint found some old cameras of my grandpas that we used to play with. They were not in the best condition, but we really enjoyed looking at them. It was a short trip, but it was so nice.

Oh and here's to my favorite picture of the day....Which was taken shortly after this one...

When Victoria realized and said "OH NO!!! I FORGOT HER BOTTLE!!!!!!!!!!"...