Monday, January 17, 2011

Hiltin's House

Last night we went over to Hiltin's House (Martin and Hillary) for dinner and Wii. Hillary made some yummy sides and the steaks Martin grilled were wonderful. After we ate we played 2 games that were based off of popular TV game shows. Wipeout and Minute to Win it. I had seen both of the game shows before but I had not seen the video game versions. We had a blast! Wipeout really was my favorite because Minute to Win it was just too hard for me (even on easy). They were just like the TV game shows. Wipeout was complete with announcers and slow motion replays when you would bust into the side of a giant wall and slam into the mud pit below. Those moments made for some good laughs and oooo's and owwww's. ;)

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