Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mr. H Came to Town...

This weekend Mr. H came for a little visit. We were glad to get together because our time over Christmas vacation was cut pretty short. Chad grilled hot dogs and we mostly sat around catching up with each other. Chad & Martin had to show off their mad video gaming skills. Ha! I think they almost convinced Mr. H that he needs 'Call of Duty'. I fell asleep on the couch twice and then we called it a night.
This morning I woke up at 630 and could not go to sleep. I was not so happy about that as I had intended on sleeping in at least some. But, once the boys woke up we went and grabbed coffee and donuts and it seemed to make waking up early that much better. Later we grabbed lunch at a local hamburger joint and I ran into our school librarian. Love that lady! When we got back to the house we (as in they) spent a little time on the scooter.

And a visit from Mr. H just would not be complete with out a little quality time talking about programming and code. Boys will be boys...or is it nerds will be nerds??...Either way they had fun doing their thing.

Then it was time for one more picture and Mr. H had to head on back before his curfew-dark. It was a nice laid back visit. And we hope to have more since he is living a little closer now...until next time! Vrrrmmm....vrrrmmmm....