Sunday, February 20, 2011

ACU Sing Song 2011

It's that weekend of the year again. ACU's Sing Song has come and gone. If you want to remember what Sing Song is, you can read about it here. But basically, it is college students singing/'dancing' to popular songs 'remixed' to be about ACU. It is a huge tradition at ACU and so many families come into town just for this weekend. Jon came to stay with us as usual. We had a cookout Friday night and Hillary and Martin joined us. Jon showed off his back-flip skills...

Saturday was a very lazy day for Chad and I. We finally decided to get around and we went to eat at Abuelo's before the show. YUM!! Once we got to the show we started seeing several people we knew from college, and catching up was so fun! Terri texted me to see if we would be there and she ended up buying a ticket to see the show a second time and join us. The shows were all so fun this year and there was a huge amount of participation in class acts and club acts. We saw everything from oreos to pigs to pilots.

It really was a great night and I loved the host/hostesses. To top it all off Terri and Chad's clubs won overall for the night. I honestly did not expect Chad's club to win anything overall but it was fun for him to go and watch over the celebration of his club and see so many of his old friends.

After the show Jon, Caleb and Terri came over to hang out for a while. Terri and I stayed up and talked until 1:30am before she had to leave. (The boys outlasted us by far.) It was so nice catching up and visiting with Terri. With some friends you just pick back up right where you left off. Love her!