Tuesday, February 1, 2011

California Kinfolk

Spencer and April are embarking in quite possibly the longest road trip of their life right now. *Props to them.* They are trekking from L.A. to Atlanta, GA with a few pit stops in between to see friends and family along the way. They had planned to stay with us last night but because of the weather we advised them to head on to her family's house for the night. They stopped here for only a couple of hours to rest, visit, and eat. Good thing too because this morning we woke up to snow covered ice and school cancellations all the way from here to her parents house. It would have been fun but it was smart for them to head on their way.
They are traveling because Spencer is going to begin working as a 2nd camera assistant for the A camera on a new TV series on VH1. He just joined the Union (woot! woot!) and this will be his first job after joining. He's super excited. And so is everyone else in his family! Hopefully jobs will continue to pop up for him in the future!