Tuesday, February 22, 2011

'Extended' Valentine's Date Mishaps.

So yesterday was a pretty eventful day for Chad and I. Maybe you remember here that Chad had bought us ticket to see Beauty and the Beast as an 'extended' Valentine's date. Or maybe you didn't, because we didn't either...almost. *WHOOPS*
Yesterday, I had the day off from school for President's Day. I was bored and without a car so I spent the day wishing hubs was home and wasting my time away before I headed up to school for some last minute details before the week.
I was still at school at 6:30 when Hubs called laughing,
Hubs: "Hey, ya know what we forgot about?"
Me: "No"
Hubs: "Beauty and the Beast is tonight"
Me: "OH CRAP!!!! WHAT TIME? OH NO!!!!!! MY HAIR!!! WHAT TIME?!?!??!"

*My hair had not been washed for 2 days...hints the grease-ball bun...I tend to do that on the weekends.*

Hubs: "7:30"
Me: "What's the LATEST we can leave??? 7??"
Hubs: "Yeah probably 7."
Me: "DARN! This is going to be hilarious. Okay I'll be home soon. "
I scrambled to finish up what I needed to at school and then began laughing because there was just no fixing that nasty grease ball of a bun on top of my head before we needed to leave. I raced home, ran inside, threw on a dress, snapped a few pictures and we were headed out. Since we had no time ... our fancy dinner turned into McDonald's Drive-Thru (Chad actually ran inside because apparently everyone else had the same idea and it was packed!).

I was pretty excited about my Cheeseburger Happy Meal though. It just added to the 'mood' of the night. We made it to the show just in time and it was great. Oh and I only ran into one person I knew. Whew!
It was the funniest date night ever. And, it was certainly the best 'extended' Valentine's date.
We Loved It.


  1. This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing all the details lol. Next time take a power brush with a little power on it and brush it along the roots and it takes the shine away!

  2. Heehehehehe It was great! Hopefully there is no next time...but I will try that if I have too! ;)

  3. Oh funny!
    I have to laugh because I've also been there! So cute!
    You looked beautiful by the way! A fun and memorable date I'm sure!

  4. Thank you, you are too sweet! It was so fun and memorable! Although I am very glad to know someone else out there has made the same mistake before. ;)