Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Redneck Snowday

What would you do after being cooped up all day on a Snow Day? What any redneck would do of course! Put on 5 pair of socks, rain boots, leggings, jeans, a shirt, thermal, sweatshirt, fleece, knee length jacket, 2 scarves and a headband. Then, hook up with your besties who have an awesome snow sled and have them pull you behind their car. I know you're jealous. And, don't worry moms. Martin had safety first in mind. We all wore a helmet. And they've done this just about every year so they are very experienced.

Oh and the sunset was beautiful.

Don't worry. The fun doesn't stop there. When you get tired (aka too cold) from sledding behind the car, you load up and head over to your local college to watch Martin bust out his snow board.

Unfortunately, 'the hill' wasn't working so well for him so, he tried some other areas.
With success.

Although this was not gonna do. He needed a 'trick' before we left. So, while Martin taught Chad a little about snow boarding and searched for his next 'prime spot'...
The ladies settled for making snow angels.

And Chad took this awesome picture.

The 'prime spot' was found. He was to go down this hill and land the jump at the bottom.

It was awesome. And, I missed the shot. Twice. Darn.

So here's this for you instead:

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