Sunday, February 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday 2-13-11

Here again for Scavenger Hunt Sunday link up with Ramblings and Photos. 5 new categories and 5 new(ish) pictures to share.

1. Shadows-These pictures are borrowed from before Thanksgiving. I had taken them of Victoria before she left for Dance class. She looked sooo cute. I remember she had a blast running around and dancing in my parents driveway that afternoon.

2. Patterns-We have a brick wall in our house and I love the color of the brick.

3. Bright White-I had to reuse a snow picture one more time. It was so beautiful when we had our 4 snow days.

4. Strong-Is my hubs. We bought an older home so we could fix some of the things in the house the way we want it. In this picture Hubs is installing some recessed lighting, from just a couple of weeks ago. We love it and are so happy with how it turned out. Thanks hubs for all your hard work!

5. Warmth-Hubs took this picture of the fire at Perini's when we were there for Hillary's Birthday. The fire was so nice and the food was de-lish!


  1. I really love how simple, yet expressive your photos are and how they manage to capture atmosphere so well :)

  2. Wonderful shots and so glad you've jumped in - love your pattern/repetition shot...and your warmth shot. I tried to get one of my fireplace and couldn't get the lighting just right. Well done!

  3. Corrisande~ Thank you! I'm still very new to this. But loving it so much! :)

    Michelle~ Thanks! That's my niece in the picture and she is. a. doll.

    Ashley~ Thank you! It has been so fun! I wish I could help you out on the fireplace picture, but this was all hubs doing.

  4. All great shots, but I especially love your last shadow shot... well, they're all cute, but that one is especially so! I love brick too... I thought about doing the same for my pattern shot. Well done!

  5. Thanks Gretchen! The last shadow shot is my favorite too! So sassy! :) I'll have to head over and check yours out too!

  6. Oh, those adorable.