Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ashton Kutcher and I Traded Cameras!

Yep, you read it right! I was handed a camera by Ashton Kutcher and he took my old one.

A 'chase' was held by Nikon via Ashton over Twitter. Clint had read up about it and the first people to figure out clues to show up at 4 different spots from 10am-1pm on the hour were to win prizes until they ran out. We found out that the prizes were a brand new Nikon Coolpix S9100 so we quickly took showers and headed out for the last check in at 1pm because that is all we had time left for. Chad was at a lunch break for his conference so he was able to meet up with us but only briefly. We got our clue for the last check-in and after realizing it was at The Driskell hotel (several blocks away) we headed that way. We finally spotted the bus in the back so we went and stood in line to hopefully get our new cameras. We did not make it in time because once we got there we were told they had ran out of cameras but we could wait in line to see Ashton. We decided to go ahead and wait to see if we would be able to see Ashton. At this point we were nearly first in line so we would be pretty close to him when he came off the bus. Later one of the workers said that Ashton would be coming out in a little while to give away 5 cameras randomly.

Ashton came off the bus after a little bit and asked if anyone had a Nikon camera. He wanted to trade the older cameras to upgrade for a new Nikon. I was completely star struck that Ashton Kutcher, a man that I watch on movies was standing in front of us.

Then I realized, I HAVE MY LITTLE AND OLD NIKON IN MY PURSE. I fumbled and struggled to get it out of my purse and then handed mine over to receive the new Nikon from Ashton. AH! So exciting!!! Kristen pulled out her Sony camera and he had one camera left to trade with her. We both got new cameras from Ashton Kutcher! He only personally handed out 5. We were pretty lucky! It was completely surreal and awesome. So, the Nikon video crew asked us 5 to come over and they shot a video of us telling about what had just happened. I did not know what to say because I was overwhelmed with excitement of receiving a new camera from a celebrity. So, I said something along the lines of..."Ashton Kutcher gave me this camera!" hahaha what a nerd. I wonder where my famous words will end up...?? I have a few more pictures to come...and a video that Chad took with his phone when he was giving us our cameras. He's back at his conference though so that will have to hold off. I just couldn't wait to share the moment with everyone!! It definitely made for one EXCITING day. And, the new camera is one beast of a machine. Thank you Ashton! Thank you Nikon!


  1. wow, that is so cool!! You are practically famous. Can't wait to see the video, and enjoy your new camera!

  2. Thanks Megan!! It was so surreal! Great memory...for sure! Unfortunately we lost the video. :( It was on Chad's broken phone that we had to replace before we uploaded the video to our computers. BOOOOO!!