Thursday, March 17, 2011

Austin Trip via SXSW!

For the first half of Spring Break Chad was attending SXSW (the interactive portion). He had a lot of fun at his workshops and learned a lot! He is so glad he got to go. I tagged along with my brother and soon to be sister in law. While Chad was at workshops during the day and sometimes busy during the night, the rest of us knocked out some details for Clint and Kristen's wedding. We checked out the venue to get some questions answered, finalized all of the details for the flowers, and planned/tasted the cake. Their cakes are going to be SO yummy.
We also spent some time taking some pictures for Clint & Kristen to use as their engagement pictures.

*More to come later...
We were on the go the whole time and did not rest much at all!! Still, the most exciting part for me was participating in 'The Nikon Chase' and getting a camera from Ashton Kutcher. ;) As we left Austin, Chad stopped at an Apple store to replace his cracked phone. (This was a LONG awaited trip.) They replaced his phone....unfortunately for us, we did not have the video of Ashton Kutcher uploaded to the computer yet. So, my last post will not have a video added to it. Sorry!!! :/

Each night, we hit up 6th street and it was so crowded from all the people attending SXSW. Here we are at one of the 'social networking' parties that Chad was able to get us into. Great food + Great fun + Chad meeting new people and talking to them about 'nerdy' stuff=Great night.

The trip would not be complete without a photo bomb from Chad...

That's better...

Y'all come back now, ya here?!