Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Steve Wozniak

Last night hubs and I and some of our besties went and grabbed some dinner at Chili's and then headed over to ACU. ACUConnected was having their final event of a conference and Steve Wozniak was going to be speaking. You know that sparked Hubs attention! Steve Wozniak...Co-Founder of Apple...Hubs is there. Rocketboys (An ACU Alumni Band) played before/after the big guest speaker. Wozniak was a pretty neat guy and we enjoyed what he had to say. The first half he talked mostly about his love of education and his experience volunteering as a 5th grade teacher for 8 years. I loved what he had to say about it's not necessary the 'teaching of facts or skills' but it is the 'teaching students how to learn and be motivated; for them to have fun and be self learners' that sparked my attention. His ideal view of education seemed to be that kids would be 'taught' by a computer and the teacher would act more as a motivator, tracker, and someone who influences the kids to learn. We are clearly not there yet, although I can see where he was going with it. The second half of his speech was mostly about the making of Apple and it's computers and other technological devices. From then on, I was lost. Hubs on the other hand was all ears. Hub's picture of Wozniak did not upload on his phone. :/ So no pic...but if you google him you will find thousands of pictures. All probably better then what we would have gotten with the iPhone. Haha

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