Sunday, April 3, 2011

Congrats Hubs

Many of you have been wondering or have asked why I was congratulating hubs on Face-book last Thursday. Hubs entered a competition called SpringBoard Ideas Challenge hosted by ACU. There are 3 divisions: Student, Community Pre-Revenue and Community Post-Revenue. The competition consists of entering a business plan of your idea, having it accepted and then going to pitch your idea in front of a panel of judges. (That's my interpretation at least) The process from entering to awards night is a couple of weeks long. Finally the awards night came and we got dressed up to attend in hopes that Hub's idea was well liked!!

Nervous Smiles...

Our dearest friends joined us to show their support for Hubs!
We were so thankful they were there.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner that was just as tasty as it was pretty. You can tell I enjoyed it. You can also see the mess I made...whoops!
I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of the main course. It was chicken cordon bleu and it was amazing. *Hence the reason I did not snap a picture...
it was not on any of our plates for very long.

After dinner, we listened to the co-founder of speak. She was a very dynamic speaker and kept us all engaged and entertained. Next up it was time to announce the awards and we were all getting pretty excited and nervous...

Several of our friends were presented with awards.
Joy and Jason entered for their first time with their new and upcoming business, "Cordell's". They received an honorable mention, but most of all spread the news about their new shop.

Asa and Tim's idea won for the student division. We were so excited for them!

Hub's idea won first place for his division!! YAYYYYY!!!

This year was the first time they awarded a "Best of Show" prize to the contestants. The judges took first place from the 3 divisions and out of those 3 they chose the idea they thought should be awarded with "Best of Show".
We were SO EXCITED to hear the Hubs idea won BEST OF SHOW!!!
We all had a little tear in our eye from so much excitement!

As soon as hubs returned to the table, he quickly texted his business partner to let him know about their win. And then it was on to friends and family to let them know he had won.

We stuck around a little longer so Hubs could talk to some people about his idea.

Way to go Hubs!!!


  1. YES YES YES YES YES!!! Thanks for the playback Carla!!

  2. Way to go Chad!!!

    P.S. Your hair is beautiful!

  3. How exciting! And, you two are so, so beautiful!


    Kathryn~ We are so proud of him. And thank you! :)

    Dina~ Thanks for the comment! :) You are so sweet.