Monday, April 11, 2011

Walk Now for Autism Speaks 2011

Last weekend we headed out to the zoo early Saturday morning to participate in the West Texas Walk Now for Autism Speaks. This event is held in cities all around to raise awareness about Autism. Having 3 students with Autism in my classroom this year, it has became truly meaningful to me as I have gotten to know the students and families affected by Autism. I love the idea of this event and the awareness it raises plus the funds that help teach people how to better understand Autistic people around the world. They have so much to offer and I love to watch their minds grow. I was amazed at the turnout at the zoo.

It was a big crowd.

There was lots of support from our school. The best part was watching the eyes light up of one of my autistic students as he wondered around amazed at all of the animals. He is SUCH a sweet little boy. And, his older brother is just as 'kind hearted'. Great great family!

Here's another student from our school. He's in Hillary's class and has become a big part of their lives. He's such a clown!

Oh and...hubs was pretty excited about the animals too...just like the rest of the kiddos!

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