Monday, May 2, 2011

We put the PEP in RALLY

Monday, before TAKS testing, we put on a pep rally for our kiddos. It was a blast!! BIIIIG THANKS go out to all of our helpers!!! If you have never read the book Punk Farm, you need to purchase a copy and read it now. It is a great children's book and all kids love it! Our skit was completely based off the book and we began by the Punk Farm band coming on stage to perform to 'Old Time Rock 'N' Roll'.

We then heard from our principal to pep us up.

Next, Venita gave an inspirational speech about Bassetti spirit and we unveiled our school song banner, "The Golden March" for the first time.

Finally, we by introduced another famous character of Bassetti...The Golden Bear.

The kids were so excited to see Golden!!

As part of the skit, Golden was 'scared of taking the TAKS test' so we showed her a video we put together of the younger Bassetti kiddos giving some encouragement for the TAKS test takers. It pumped Golden up so much that the Punk Farm band rocked out with her to SHOUT!

It was so exciting to watch the kids eyes light up as they watched us jam out and act goofy. We were told that the test takers were so excited for the TAKS after the pep rally. My favorite part was that none of my students' knew I was at the pep rally because I had 'been at a meeting.'

They still do not know that I was a part of anything.
But, don't you think that cow looks....moo-velous in those pictures?? ;)

And, Hubs came and filmed the entire pep rally...for your viewing pleasure!...
*Note* Several great speeches have been shortened in order to get it loaded to YouTube...

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  1. This was great. I enjoyed watching it since I couldn't be there. Keep up the great work.