Thursday, June 30, 2011


Friday night we headed out to the venue for Rehearsal. It was h-o-t-t! So most people clumped together in the shade, but everyone seemed to have a really good time hanging out together.

Kristen had Veronica be her 'stand-in' bride for good luck.

Victoria helped to make sure everything was just right.

And she did her job so very well...

Just like her momma...with her 2 groomsmen. ;)

The Wedding Party:

Everyone wanted a picture with the fountain...

So we took a lot. :)

And one big family photo:

Then it was back to 'The Islands' for Rehearsal Dinner...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Poolside Brunch!

Friday morning while the boys played golf, the girls met up in Kristen's room for a little brunch get together. She had the cutest bags set out for us as a 'thank you' for those in her wedding party. She also had a table spread of sandwiches and muffins and more. After we filled our tummies we headed down, bags in tow, for one of Kristen's favorite activities: pool time.

Kristen's sister, Felecia, treated us all to a great pool-side drink...Dublin Dr. Pepper. :)

And of course, there was one little girl who did not want to leave the water...

As we headed back to the room to shower up and get ready for the rehearsal, we spotted a few we needed to take pics with...

Dad had been out taking some scenic shots of his own. They turned out great!

Dinner at the Gnarly Gar

Thursday morning we woke up to load the cars, meet up with the rest of our 3 car caravan and made the nearly 6 hour trip to Austin. We split once we got there so that the boys could try on and pick up their tuxes. Their was a bit of a mix up with the tuxes but once the boys made it to the hotel around 9:30pm we headed out to grab dinner at The Gnarly Gar before they closed. It was a little windy, but as always, the cheeseburgers were delish! Several people had made it in on Thursday so this was a great way for us all to get together and hang out before the rest of the wedding festivities. :)

Week Before the Wedding

Chad and I headed out to my parents' house to bring Tye so he would have a place to stay while we were at the wedding. My mom had one of her co-workers watching the dogs, who did a fabulous job! Chad had a work conference he needed to attend in Colorado, so I saw him off at the airport.

Majority of my short time in East Texas was spent hanging out with this diva:

She's really learned how to pose for the camera. We went swimming a lot! I think she could be part fish by seeing how much time she can spend in the water! I also went and had my nails and toe nails painted with Angela. It was so relaxing! The ladies really took their time...we were in the salon for a little over 2 hours. I would go back right now if I could. The next best thing to that was grabbing a little TCBY self-serve yogurt while we were out one day. It was close to the best ice cream I have ever had.

And, yes mine is the super chocolaty sweet one at the bottom.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Victoria's Dance Recital

Saturday we headed out to support Victoria for her dance recital. Her age group class performs both a tap and ballet dance. This is the last year for her to do both as a combined class. Next year she will have to choose what type of dance class she wants to take. She loves her dance and we all love watching her perform. We got all dolled up to watch so we took a couple of pictures. Even though the sun was way too bright in our faces, I still like them...

And, I like that dad will always and forever want to take a 'grill' picture. Here's for you dad!...

When we got at Caldwell, I went backstage with my mom to see Angela and wish Victoria Good Luck! Pictures were being taken everywhere backstage. The girls were so cute wanting pictures with their different friends and even taking pictures of their friends.

I loved the costumes!

Victoria had quite the crowd come to watch her! On top of her family being there, her best friends Sophia and Briana showed up to support with their mommies. Even Michaela and Katie got to join in on the fun! Victoria was so excited to see all of her friends and family there for her.

She. Is. Loved.