Saturday, June 4, 2011

Cookout with Spencer & April!

A casual cookout at my parents house quickly turned into a great night out with Spencer & April, Charlie, and Mr. Mark! We had a good time sitting around catching up and playing with the 50,000 dogs my parents were sitting for the weekend. ;) As we get older and all of our paths start to go in different directions, times like these come far between each other. So, we make the most of it when we can! It was a great time as usual with everyone!

And, we always need a silly picture...

I still laugh every time I see this picture.
I don't know if it's because of the grills from my dad and Chad, or how my face is half serious as I am holding on to Daisy and Ty who are about to run over Victoria, or that Spencer & April & Charlie still manage to look cute, or Mr. Mark's crazy glasses, or that there are 6 dogs accounted for in this picture, or that my mom and Sandy 'just hanging out', or the looks of terror from Angela and Victoria as Jared is about to eat his dog.