Sunday, June 5, 2011

Hanging Out at Mr. Mark's

While Spencer & April were still in Tyler, Hubs & I headed over to his dad's house to hang out with his family a little more.

We met up with Mike, Jill, DeeDee and the girls while we were over there. Victoria tagged along with us because she loves playing with the girls. She brought dolls and books to share with Michaela and Katie.

But, I think Charlie quickly stole the show. ;)

We also played by the pond for a while, throwing rocks into the water. We all laughed when Victoria got so tickled about the big "THUD" that the rocks made in the water and how she compared it to Charlie swimming!
"THUDDD!! HAHAHA It sounds just like Charlie when he was swimming and his paws went THUDDD THUDD THUDDD THUDD!!"
I think she could have thrown rocks in the pond all day. She loved it.
I didn't take many pictures while I was there, but Spencer was kind enough to share some of his photos he took because he knew I'd want to put them on here. hahaha...YAY!! Thanks Spencer! And, let me just tell you...his photos are uh-MA-zing!

To see more of his work, visit his site here:
I know I'm biased because he's my bro-law. But, he's kind of awesome.

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