Sunday, June 5, 2011


Martin recently introduced us to a game known as 'planking.' You can also find it on Wikipedia known as the 'lying down game'. Apparently the lying down game was 'invented' by two men, Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, in 1997. It became very popular in England and Brittain. In 2011 it because a very popular game in Australia and they coined the phrase of planking as you lay face down with your arms to your side to resemble a wooden plank.

Anyway, it has recently become more popular in North America. And, we have seen several pictures surfing the internet and videos on YouTube of people 'planking.'

So, of course, we thought we'd give it a try...

Big thanks to the participants: Chad, Hillary, Martin, Spencer, April and Laresa
And big thanks to Martin for introducing us all to 'planking.'


  1. Good fun!! Crazy friends and good fun....what could be better!

  2. It was so fun! Nothing could be better!