Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Victoria's Dance Recital

Saturday we headed out to support Victoria for her dance recital. Her age group class performs both a tap and ballet dance. This is the last year for her to do both as a combined class. Next year she will have to choose what type of dance class she wants to take. She loves her dance and we all love watching her perform. We got all dolled up to watch so we took a couple of pictures. Even though the sun was way too bright in our faces, I still like them...

And, I like that dad will always and forever want to take a 'grill' picture. Here's for you dad!...

When we got at Caldwell, I went backstage with my mom to see Angela and wish Victoria Good Luck! Pictures were being taken everywhere backstage. The girls were so cute wanting pictures with their different friends and even taking pictures of their friends.

I loved the costumes!

Victoria had quite the crowd come to watch her! On top of her family being there, her best friends Sophia and Briana showed up to support with their mommies. Even Michaela and Katie got to join in on the fun! Victoria was so excited to see all of her friends and family there for her.

She. Is. Loved.


  1. Our daughter dances to and it's do fun to go to the recital. The costumes look so cute from your photos.