Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pickin' Peaches!

My parents have about 6 peach trees that they have been 'baby'-ing through the triple digit weather this summer. And because of their hard work, they have been very fruitful! We walked out to pick a few one morning and enjoy them on the porch before it got too hot to even be outside.

Victoria was very excited!

She was in charge of the basket, and we filled the bottom up! I just forgot to take a picture of all the peaches we picked after. Oh well!

Even though we had just woken up and we were grimin' in all of our morning glory, I needed to snap a quick shot of me, dad and Kristen all sporting out 'The Pier' shirts. *Apparently they're vintage, because it's now called 'The Gnarly Gar'. Glad we got our shirts when we did.
I liked the first name much better...

Now that we had all picked a few peaches, including Daisy, we were ready to head back and enjoy them!

Yummy! Yummy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pink Pony

After the fireworks show, we headed back to the house. Victoria was in for a treat because John brought out his guitar to sing with her. We had her make up her own song and it was called, "Pink Pony". It was hilarious. We all got a kick out of that and she played shy at first but you could tell she was loving it.

Later, she figured out she could dance to her made up song and then she was completely in her element. That girl loves to dance!

We wore her out...

So the only late owls left awake at this point played a little more Party Phrase...

Then these boys even multi-tasked by playing their video game and listening in to play Party Phrase too! What talent...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Fireworks Show!

Because it has been SO DRY this year and we have seen so many burn bans and fires throughout the counties. We decided against our typical redneck fireworks show in my parents' driveway. Instead, with just about the rest of the town, we headed out to Lake Tyler to see the fireworks show. We got there just in time and the fireworks were booming. It was a short show but we loved it!

The Finale...

And the last 2 pictures are courtesy of Blake, my little cousin. He wanted to play with the camera and he was so excited when he took such cool shots. ;)

Friday, July 15, 2011

4th of July!

I don't know about you, but FUN is spelled F-O-O-D at my house. For 4th of July family and friends rolled in to hang out, have a good time, visit and EAT. Dad had prepared some amazing meats, hot dogs, corn, beans and more! I seriously love these 2 pictures of my dad! Haha! And yes, of course, I flipped back and forth with my arrow keys as fast as I could in my archives to watch his head bobble back and forth.

But in all seriousness, the food was de-lish...

Mom made, just maybe, the best banana pudding of all time.

I even whipped up some red, white and blue desserts myself. (Of course with the help of my Aunt B and Victoria!)

Kristen was in charge of the drinks and we added a little charm to the bottom of each. They were so yummy!

Oh yeah, and Clint helped shuck corn...I remember him saying, "YES! I made the blog" when I snapped this picture. So here ya are, Clint...hahaha

We spent a lot of our time playing 'Party-Phrase' on the iPhone. It's an app you can download for $1.99 and it is a way to play Catch-Phrase with your friends. It was so much fun. And I don't usually care for trivia games.

You can tell I really knew the answer on this one...HA! Not...


Lauren and John finally showed up!

Victoria was excited! She always has a great time with them. This time she learned all about the newest and greatest iPhone apps! Here she is playing the trumpet!...

Then it was time to move the party outside.

Victoria looked so cute in her dress!


Playing catch.

This next series of pictures was my favorite because it went something like this...
Me: Hey guys let me take a picture of you!

Me: Awwww...Clint made a face in that one. Now take a serious one, k?

Me: LOL! Not like 'serious' but just regular smiles!!!

Me: Whew! That's better! hahaha


Youngens' Crazy!...

Oldies!...(HA! They'll love me for that)

Oldies' Crazy!...

Young and Old!...