Thursday, July 14, 2011


Hubs has this crazy obsession with airplanes. And always has. I mean really, I think I've said it before but when he starts to hear the rumble of an airplane inside of our house he will stop whatever he is doing and run outside to 'look at it'. It's funny to me. I always laugh and poke jokes and him and I think he gets a little more dramatic each time just to hear me poke more jokes. On the rare occasion that he doesn't run outside it's such a let down. Anyway, he had been talking up this air show we were going to go to while at my parent's house for quite some time now. He was so excited to see the airplanes!

Clint's friend, Royce works several air shows with his dad. He's in charge of the scheduling and what not. Back in the day, he got us on the runway at an air show in Barksdale and we were so excited. He did not let us down this time either.

He let our entire crazy family in to sit on the runway and watch the airshow. It was pretty awesome because the only seats left were way in the back behind a bunch of smarter people who brought their lawn chairs with them. We took to his invitation quickly and sat down immediately and tried to act civil even though we were all miserably hot and drenched in sweat. After a while, I went with Miss Alisa to the 'world's longest line' to get hot dogs for the group. After we ordered them we had to wait for them to cook. It took forever, really, so I sat down in the shade and let a slow cold drip from a cooler of drinks they were selling drip on my feet. It was the best thing and most disgusting thing all at the same time. I could care less though, I was already a wet mess of sweat.

Hubs a little away from the group...standing. To get the best view of the planes of course. He couldn't have been happier...

This big kid was pretty excited to be there too...

This was my favorite plane. It was a 'Victoria Sized Plane'. So little. So cute. So fun!

This was hubs' favorite plane. So big. So loud. So many tricks!

Once we had all had far beyond enough of the heat, we decided to walk around and look at the planes. Then head on back to the house for pool time, naps, food and showers!

Dad was the only smart one with his wet bandanna to keep him shaded and cool. And mom glared at me for taking this picture, but I thought she looked cute!
Everyone together now: "Awwww...." ;)

And the girls!

Did I mention it was H-O-T? The heat melted the wing of this plane...

Okay so maybe it wasn't the heat from the sun from that day.
But it felt like it could have happened!

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