Monday, July 11, 2011

Stamford Rodeo!

Hubs and I tagged along with our besties, Hill & Mart to the Stamford Rodeo. Something they go to every year. Martin was there to play along with his HSU Cowboy Band.

And the rest of us were excited to eat some good ole' rodeo fried food.

I tried to convince Hubs to buy this GIGANTIC 'cowboy' hat. But he wasn't having any part of it. Gee, I wonder why... ??

It was a fun night and it wasn't too hot. The plate of grease with a little bit of curly fries on it was delicious! And we had a good time watching all of the wild rodeo horse races. I think all of our favorite was the "See who can fill a jar with cow's milk and run it to the other side the fastest". It was RIDICULOUS. But oh so funny to watch...

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