Sunday, October 9, 2011


After the Jumpin' Jacks party, Jared & Angela's birthday gift for Victoria was a surprise of taking her to Build*A*Bear. She has wanted to go for a long time now, but they have wanted to wait until this birthday so she would be able to remember it a little better. We got to tag along for the trip. I have never been through the 'experience' of a Build*A*Bear before and I thought it was the neatest thing for little kiddos!

When you first walked in, you had to pick your un-stuffed animal. They had examples of what they would look like on the wall. Then you take your animal over to the next area where you can grab a sound insert to go inside. You can listen to all the different sounds. Victoria picked one that says a few different things each time you press it.

After you have all of your inserts and such ready, you head over to the stuffing station. This was so much fun! The worker helps the child get ready to take care of their animal by having them name their animal and do things like rub their tummy so they will always be fed, pat your head so you will make them smart...all while she gets the animal ready to be stuffed by putting the thread in. But, my favorite was the heart they put inside of their animal. Before it goes in, they hold it to their heart and make a wish for their animal. So cute!

Victoria then pushed the pedal to make the stuffing go inside her bear. After the worker sewed her up, Victoria took her over to the wash station. The machine blew air on the bear to make sure it was good and clean!

TA-DA! I present to you..."Hearts"
...I wonder how she picked out that name... ;)

Next is time to shop for some clothes. And this girl takes after all the other girls in her family. She can SHOP! ;)
"Do we want this one?....Or this one??..."

"THIS is the one!"

Then with a little help from mom and dad, she takes her to the dressing room to get dressed and ready to go home with her.

Last step!...Printing off a 'birth certificate' with your animal's name and date of birth.
What a fun place! Victoria had so much fun picking out all of the special things for her bear and we loved watching her!

Hearts is in good hands...She will take special care of her bear.