Saturday, October 8, 2011

Victoria's Jumpin' Jacks Party

Friday night Hubs & I drove into town to spend the weekend with the fam. It was Victoria's Birthday party weekend and we were excited to make it in for the big event. She had just turned five and she had been dreaming of having her party and Jumpin' Jacks for a long time now. I joined the girls in helping get the party favors together.

Did I mention that this little one was so excited for her party?!

Once we got there, the kids started running around and having so much fun. We barely caught Victoria to stand still and take a 5 second picture with her dad.

The kids voted to have the lights turned off and the disco ball on for the party. It was a pretty cool effect but made it super hard to get any good pictures of kids running around in the near dark!

But we still caught a few of the excitement!

I'd say this was one of the favorites...the big slide! They loved to all get up there at the same time and then all go down screaming the whole way. So fun!

As a matter of fact, it looked so much fun, that the big kids gave it a whirl too...!!!

Who's to say big kids can't have a little fun too? ;)


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