Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Pancake House & North Park Mall

The morning before we all left to go back home, we headed out for a WONDERFUL breakfast at The Pancake House in Addison. They had the most delicious hand-squeezed, fresh orange juice. We all got a few different things for breakfast and sampled them all. It was all very yummy! As we were leaving out, Victoria got a lady bug balloon animal bracelet and she was so excited about it!

We then headed over to the North Park mall to look around. They have the neatest statues, displays and fountains throughout their mall. There is also a beautiful lawn area where kids can play and run around. It really was so cool seeing something new and different each corner we turned. We didn't go into many of the stores because they were all very expensive brands but it was fun to window shop. We walked into a couple of toy stories and just looked around but didn't buy anything.

Notice the duck in the bottom of the fountain below. He stayed there the entire time getting pounded by the water. It was the funniest thing and everyone who stopped by would comment on it. That duck was really loving the water!

After we left the mall we said our goodbyes and headed back home. It was an eventful weekend but so much fun!!

Kristi & Ryan's Wedding

The same weekend we were with Jared, Angela & Victoria in Dallas we had planned to go to Kristi & Ryan's wedding. They are dear friends of Clint & Kristen's and so much fun. We were excited we could be there to share the happiness of their special day. I didn't bring along my camera, so we just snapped a few from Chad's iPhone. Not the best quality, but you can see how beautiful it all was. :)

It was beautiful weather for an outside wedding and it was so sweet. They had their own vows mixed in with the traditional vows. Kristi's personal vows were promises to Ryan...the best one was "I promise to let you check the score of the Rangers game tonight." hahahaha! Clint & Kristen were both in the wedding so they were tied up most of the weekend helping out and supporting their best buds.

We had a lot of fun dancing at their reception and then headed back to the hotel to hang out with Jared, Angela & Victoria again. It stormed hard late that night so we stayed up and watched it from our hotel room.

Ice Skating

After FreeBirds, we headed over to the Galleria for some shopping and ice skating! Chad and I had never been ice skating before so we were pretty excited, and very nervous, about trying it out! :) We got all geared up with our skates on and headed out to the rink. Victoria had been once before but was still pretty nervous about it.

We all got the hang of it pretty fast and were enjoying ourselves. It didn't matter to us, that people were spinning circles around us because we were going so slow. ;)

Angela was so proud of her little Victoria. She was loving it so much that she stayed with the boys to skate longer, while Angela and I went shopping. :)

As we were walking off, they cleaned the ice and had a display of Texas Rangers symbols all over the ice. Love our Rangers!!

Freebirds with JAV

The weekend of Kristi and Ryan's wedding we met Jared, Angela & Victoria in Dallas for some shopping, fun and good eating! :) One of our good eating places we went to was FreeBirds. Jared & Angela had never been so we thought it would be a fun place to take Victoria and show them all the foil creations.

The weather was great so we sat outside and then it was BURRITO TIME!!!

After we ate our burritos, it was time to start our foil creations. Their were some pretty clever ideas!!

Victoria made a cherry.

I made a flower.

Victoria made a dress for her smurf, Chad made glasses, and Jared made a headband for Victoria.

After we were in the car, Angela had a better idea...a brand new diamond ring for her finger. ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

West Texas Balloon Fest

Hubs and I headed out to the West Texas Balloon Fest with Millary this year. We made it in time for the 'Light it up' portion of the show. We got there kind of late and ran out of the car to see them light all of the balloons up. Unfortunately, each time they lit the balloons up it didn't last but for just a couple of seconds, and they weren't always all lit up at the same time. I was kind of bummed out that it wasn't quite as cool as I was expecting. We walked around for a little while to see what all was going on. It was almost like a miniature fair with the games and booths. Too bad that night was incredibly windy and the sand/dirt was blowing everywhere. We didn't stay too long.

They were giving small hot air balloon rides in this balloon. It looked pretty neat.

We had hoped to see the balloons take off the next morning so hubs and I went out and got donuts and sat in the parking lot to watch. After about 20 minutes of waiting, we were told that they were not going to do their 'fly out' because the wind conditions were too strong. Darn. Maybe next year! :)

Beautiful West Texas Sky

Hubs captured some pretty cool shots of the sky in early October...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fall Decor & MomDad Visit!

Ma & Pa came for a visit early October and just before they left mom talked me into pulling out my Fall Decor so we could throw it up real fast. Here's a little preview of what our Fall Decor looked like. I know it's now December and we have all of our Christmas decor up. But we can still look back for a little bit. :) And, thanks mom for all your help getting it up so quickly!!