Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Annual River Float Trip

We took our annual float trip out to the Frio River at the end of July. It was a great group of friends and we had a blast! There were some relaxing moments, hilarious moments, intense moments, tender moments, crazy moments, fun moments, and most of all memorable moments. It was the perfect ending to a summer vacation! *One day when I get my water camera developed, we may have more photos. Until then, enjoy these...* :)

Thanks to Hubs 'mad-packin' skills, we were all loaded up!

And ready to hit the road!

With girls in one car and guys in another, we made it in no time. :) Clint & Kristen made it shortly after and we were ready to have fun!

Kristen brought some white wine sangria to mix together. We got that going, and it was DE*LI*CIOUS! So were all the other little snacky foods we had. :)

I guess Clint wanted a picture of himself...;)

Here ya go clint...Say CHEESE! :)

Ready for a ... FLOAT TRIP!

When we got back from our last float we were tired from a long day in the sun but wanted to make the most of our last night on vacation. And, that we did. :)

We tried to lock Chad in the bathroom, but he was not having it.

And so the dance party began...

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