Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Beginnings @ Bassetti

At the beginning of this year our school went through some changes. We had to say goodbye to Mr. Evans as he transitioned over to Cooper High as the vice principal. We wore Cooper colors on his last day to support him.

We also had to say goodbye to Mrs. Rainwater our wonderful, hard-working librarian. I miss seeing her smiling face on campus each day. She was so fun to work with and our inside jokes were the best! Glad we still keep in touch and even through her transition to the ad. building, she still gets to come visit from time to time. :)

The Fab 4...

And alien faces...

It was a sad day to say goodbye to both. But we welcomed our new faculty with open arms. Our new principal, Mrs. Thornburg has been WONDERFUL and I have loved working for her. She is down to earth, fun, and we've already been able to share some good laughs with her. :)

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